Yip's Coatings (Hong Kong) Limited is a Unlimited Company company incorporated in Hong Kong at 2017-12-20,And their name in Traditional Chinese is " 葉氏塗料(香港)有限公司 ",Now their status is "Live仍注册" .
As so far this company is only registered for 277 day .


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Yip's Coatings (Hong Kong) Limited

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  • Type of Enterprise

    Unlimited Company

  • Date of Incorporation


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  • Company Status

  • Annual Time:

    12-20 TO 01-31

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    Business area is currently unavailable

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    Business address currently unavailable

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    Business number is currently unavailable

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Yip's Coatings (Hong Kong) Limited Name History

Effective DateName Used
2017-12-20 Yip's Coatings (Hong Kong) Limited

Yip's Coatings (Hong Kong) Limited Renewal Information

After the first year of the Incorporation, Yip's Coatings (Hong Kong) Limited must file annual returns and replacement of business registration certificate per year.Otherwise,Amercement of the Hong Kong Government will be as follows:

Days be postponed Amercement
More than 42day ,but no more than 3month870 HKD
More than 3 month,but no more than 6month1740 HKD
More than6 month ,but no more than 9 month2610 HKD
More than 9 month3480 HKD

Yip's Coatings (Hong Kong) Limited Type Information

An unlimited company or private unlimited company is a hybrid company incorporated either with or without a share capital (and similar to its limited company counterpart) but where the liability of the members or shareholders is not limited - that is, its members or shareholders have a joint, several and unlimited obligation to meet any insufficiency in the assets of the company in the event of the company's formal liquidation. The joint, several and unlimited liability of the members or shareholders of the company to meet any insufficiency in the assets of the company (to settle its outstanding liabilities if any exist) only applies upon the formal liquidation of the company. Therefore, prior to any such formal liquidation of the company, any creditors or security holders of the company may only have recourse to the assets of the company and not to those of its members or shareholders.

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